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Okay so this is a rant!! Why oh why are there such deplorable job-site conditions??!! In my line of work, usually the site is no larger than a 14′ x 18′ piece of ground. A big complaint I have is that small  piece of landscape isn’t properly prepared!! It slopes to one side…or slopes front to back…and even worse, the center is too high!! Too low is tolerable….just kick gravel in and adjust it to where it should be. 

Or they, the homeowner, puts the site in the furthest corner of their property. Okay, okay, it is their property and they can do with it what they like but usually putting their barn in such a position entails a hill or two, going through a fence (sometimes) or narrow walks between shrubbery and the like. And often they don’t read the fine print on the invoice that says, ‘A carry charge of  $1.25 accrues over 100 feet’ and they don’t want to pay that. With this economy…sure, I can see where they are coming from, but HEY!!, whadda ’bout MY economy?? I have to survive too!!

Thirdly, and this is the biggest beef I usually have, is the homeowner in person. I’m not talking about their person. Look, physically, whether in corporeal feast or famine, GQ-style or slovenly in appearance, I could care less how they come to the door at 6:30 when my coworker and I are ready to give squirrels in middle September a run for their money in the noise and nuisance department. That’s immaterial. What gets me is that they contracted the company I work for to build a barn for them, the size being quite irrelevant, and seemingly, they lack a mental comprehension that we are, as they are in their occupation [wait, some of them don’t have one], professionals. In other words, if we say the lawn is hard enough to back across, by George, the ground is hard enough to back across!! Barring some underground sewers or in-ground sprinkler systems, that it. Another thing that goes along with this is their attitude. Some come out with a grumpy, grouchy, demanding demeanor. I detest that!! Look, why be mad?? If you didn’t want all this hubbub, then keep your money!!! Or if we are doing it in a way that you didn’t think we would….RELAX!! The company has constantly been tinkering with their method of delivering and erecting barns….don’t you think that after 20+ years, they would have found about the most efficient way possible?? And please, just stand back and allow us to work?? We have years of experience…we, the crew working for you, know what we are doing…..i think so anyway; hard to tell at times. But we only are allowed to suspect that. The homeowners that have to dress up for work are usually the nicest people to work for and it all comes down to their attitude. See Earl Nightingale in his stellar program Lead the Field. 

Fourthly and finally, is the weather. I know, I know, the weather is in God’s hand. He controls it and I can get as mad as I went to and it won’t change facts. But, combine all of the above and throw in inclement weather, and pphtt! there goes any semblance of a gracious and loving Christian attitude that I’m supposed to display to all men. It doesn’t have to be a all day rain and believe me, those make one really, really, really miserable. Even a little cloudburst when you’re almost done with the job does just as a effective job of chasing away the cheery smiles as the aforementioned all day rain.

Today was a slight mixture of all of the above. The base was okay…just a little bit off but we quickly corrected that. We were able to back right to the site. But the homeowner, he was another character. To begin with, he goes on this long rant that our roofing staples wont hold and that we should use nails (here i’m thinking…I’d be glad to let you do it, buster). Next, he wanted us to put a level on the floor of our barn (we were off by a half-inch). Thirdly, he flips out over the extra charge he incurred by switching from OSB roof sheeting to a 1/2″ CDX plywood. Finally, he makes the comment, “I should just take a gun and shoot some of ’em!” We were just glad to see him drive off. And….to top things off, just as I was finishing the roof, a cloudburst came up and completely drenched the local area…me included. So finally, I’m dry and vented out.



ps: this is a rant. as such it is not a reflection of my attitude or belief(s). it is rather the release of frustrations that accrue as i go through life.

pps: it has just ocurred to me that i have not even touched the subject of dogs. i shan’t go there. maybe some other post.

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