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Life changes

Wow, life has definitely changed in the last week or two. For one, I quit the job that I held for the past 3 summers. My work was driving for Alpine Structures and building storage barns on-site for 3 years.i the distance that we had to drive factored into how early I had to be up. So if we had to drive 2 hours to the first customer’s house then we left the shop at 4:45. I usually figured a hour to fully wake up, pack a lunch and drive the 20 minutes I had to work. So yes, I saw some hours of the clock that a lot of people don’t.

Overall, it was a good experience for me. But life moves on. I’ve agreed to live in Paraguay for 26 months and anticipate leaving sometime in January or February of next year. You ask, “Why didn’t you keep your job until Christmas?”. Well, during the winter, work at Alpine Structures, as it happens to other companies in the construction-home improvement sector of the work industry, is usually slow. During this period work is just harder to come by. Since I’m relatively foot-loose and free and have no family to support directly, the lack of work can be a good thing. I can go visit friends and family in other places of this country. Maybe go out of the country for a work project. Or I can spend the time in bible school somewhere….which is what I’m currently doing.

At the moment, I’m at SMBI, the acronym for Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute, for 2nd term. SMBI has 5 terms, each is 6 weeks long. They offer a variety of courses on different subjects. They have  a extra abundance of Bible courses this term but have a few practical courses and music theory as well. I’m beginning to really enjoy my time here. It’s only the 1st weekend but my classes are becoming really good and it got even better yesterday. SMBI usually goes on a week long tour and this term they are planning on going to LA for a week. And I’m going!! Yippee skippee!!! (Note: usually I refrain from over-ecstatic punctuation when I write anything online but I do this time.) Just having the opportunity to go is amazing!! Singing and ministering with friends that I’ve been with for 6 weeks as well as eventually recording in Lancaster is a small bit of paradise on earth for this writer!!

That’s all for this note. If you’re in Breezewood, Pennsylvania in the next 5 weeks, gimme a holler…


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