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Shop Beauty

I’m normally hesitant about taking my camera into the shop. There are 2 reasons for this. One, there are so many people that come and go in a day’s time that, should I happen to leave it lie, it could grow legs and walk away, i.e., someone could steal it. Secondly, it’s a shop. A place where vehicles receive their maintenance, parts are welded and repaired, and where all kinds of machinery are operated at high rates of speed. The dangers are numerous and most damage would be irreparable. For example, a accidental dunking in a bucket of old motor oil would end the life of my camera. Same goes for saw blade meeting that Olympian metal. Therefore, I don’t venture into the shop on a regular basis with my camera in hand. But, given that there is a recent project that I had wanted to document, I did creep into the shop yesterday when no one was working to shoot documentary pictures. And I came away amazed. In this place where guys reign supreme, a place where the motto is, “The louder the noise, the better the toys“, this place where 1920’s Negro spirituals are played, there is beauty. Not the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring style that we often think of when we think of that word but the abstractal beauty that photographers look for. And while abstractal is not a word, it conveys the idea that I want.

That’s all….for now.


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In Need of Relief

Surely it hath come to pass,  in the days following my denial of entry to the land which I was beginning to enjoy, there hath been a devious creature clinging to my persona. Commonly known as “Stress“, he hath a surprisingly effective ability to drain one’s physical powers and to subvert mental capability. This hath not been a recent discovery of mine; only a renewed revelation. My prior knowledge of this creature had led me to request 2 days of “PWOL” a.k.a. present with official leave. These days were spent in the confines of my room. And in hindsight, my mind probably would have been clearer had I allowed it to wander. But, not working hath proven to be a form of de-stressing and one should never allow him(or her)self to become complacent in the mental acquisition of a new language. These were my goals and this I accomplished. But Stress did search me out, even in the confines of my room. Fate, by awful decree, had mandated that our workload be increased for those 2 days. This knowledge, the knowledge that there was work and that I was absent to fulfill it, has it’s own peculiar ability to stress.

“Thus”, I said, “I shall party this weekend and relieve my troublesome stress”. Thus it was that I betook myself hence from the territory of AMA, whose denizens I serve, into a place where pranks are pulled, all manner of sports are played, the body wearieth and asado is consumed. Though I may have gone there under some form of stress, it was left there. For indeed the pleasure of simply being with others of equal mentality restored my psyche to restfulness. Lo, had the weekend not cured it, resting on the shores of a local lake, becoming burnt while playing cards surely did. And with all that is to come to pass ere the month is out, I suspect this need of relief shall not decrease but that there will be need for more at some future date.

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