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Photos from the Iguassu Falls

Here are some shots from the latest falls trip. I’ve never seen the  Argentina falls, from Brazil, so clear as we did this time. Usually, the mist is more prevalent. But this time, we were able to see quite clearly. Enjoy!

This is looking into Devil’s Throat, the central part of the gorge. On the right is Argentina. I can’t never remember seeing the Argentina flag like this. Very clear!
A group photo. It’s a whole lot easier taking the photo yourself but they insisted I be in the photo as well. So, we went through the stress of flagging someone down and teaching them basic SLR photography techniques. Apparently, it worked…cuz here we are!
One final shot.
Again, that’s all for now. Keep on praying, there’s still more work to be done….
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Stress….via Belleza

Here’s 2 photos of some stressful moments in my latest time in Belleza. There are lessons learned from this experience that hopefully will never have to be used

We ended up tearing the ramps from out underneath the truck. I was greatly relieved when it was all said and done. Fortunately, it didn’t damage or tear up the underside like it could have. Like a brother of mine would say, paraphrased, “You gotta be good to get yourself in a pickle and back out with out much damage“.


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It did come to pass in the days of the middle 2010 summer, that the Paraguayan Pilgrim betook himself on a 3 week adventure to the hills, north of the industrial capital in which he abides. Indeed, twas quite the time. The assortment of pickles which he found himself in varies from sweet dill to sour kosher. From Camp 9 to Belleza to Maracana to Asuncion, his footprints were in more places than just Belleza. In his wanderings, he discovered much beauty but also much stress.

Of patient transfers, there were 6, all in the first week.

Of adventures in the mud, there were 6, possibly 7, with 4 of these resulting in inmovable vehicles.

Of naughty policeman wanting illegal fines, there was one and it doth rank until this moment.

Of stress relieving activities, there was far too few in the latter days.

Of vehicles stuck in places they shouldn’t be, there was one such event.

Of trips with the local comedian, there were 3.

Indeed, Belleza did live up to it’s name. Tis nothing like viewing the awesome, unstoppable approaching fury of a summer thunderstorm. Or the unphotographable clarity of the midnight starscape. But amidst all this beauty, the Paraguayan Pilgrim found stress. And still undecided is he on which will be the longer lasting memory.

A shot of the staff on a recent outing.

A approaching storm. No power on earth can stop it’s oncoming fury and that just adds to it’s grandeur.




That’s all for now.


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 My heart throbs but the sobs are silent.

The pressure builds and yet, still no relief.

My thoughts churn with no rhyme or reason,

like a cauldron seething but without purpose.


God, the pressure of it all, and it won’t leave.

To do one is fine, but it feels like utter failure.

I feel like packing it in. It’s too much.

To succeed is too hard; to fail, too painful.


Is it right that this burden feels so great?

Why does it appear as though others have it easier?

For once, can I not just turn down my duty and be….



Across the glimmering black ribbon of the night sky,

a thousand pinpricks call me back to You.

Back to You? But I thought this was mine.

That it was for me alone to handle.

Surely, if You were to help,

Your presence I would have felt???


But if I will but look, you reveal from the depths,

a constellation And past knowledge tells me

that all this is but preparation. For a work,

still unknown to me but part of a constellation,

woven in despair and triumph, in times of need

and times of victory. A constellation of my life…..

For You.


Through this time, You show me my need,

Tis’ not my strength but Your’s I plead.

I ask for the patience to merely trace,

this constellation You’ve woven in space.

And one day I pray that I may see,

twas all for You, regardless of me.

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