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Chaco Pictures #3

Pics 1-4: On the return trip from the Chaco, we stopped at the town of Arregua which is known for it’s pottery. All the stores are in walking distance and we saw all of it within a hour. Unfortunately, it was a holiday and there weren’t many people working.

The church in Arregua. I’m impressed. Paraguay has some nice worship buildings. I saw 4 on this trip, the best being the cathedral in Caacupe. It’s gorgeous but I’ll post those pictures later. This was shot from the van, explaining the shrubbery partially obstructing the view.

There was a funeral in process at the cathedral in Caacupe and he was waiting outside. So I shot him…with my Olympus e-620.

Back, from L–R: Me, Sharon Falb, Jay Yoder

Front, L–R: Elsie Swarey, Dorcas Yoder.

Ahem, to the person who wanted to see these shots here are 2 of the many we took on this trip. The first picture was taken at the German church we attended on Sunday morning. The second was at a building that was destined to be a supermarket till some financial struggles happened. Or something like that, I forget the specifics. What I do know is that it was a rippin’ good trip.

The Ericulean Edit

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Chaco Pictures #2

More pix….

Our host family. Friendly and down to earth people. Many good memories were made at their house in the Chaco.

Their son, Kevin.

Jay with Kevin. This is/was the site of one of the last battles between Bolivia and Paraguay during the Chaco War.

Digging around a unexploded grenade. No fears, the war was finished over 70 years ago. This thing won’t blow with out some serious heat applied to it. But it did make the afternoon more interesting.

A mural of….something. I’m not sure exactly of what.

Water is precious in the Chaco. All the gutters lead to a cistern. Smart and innovative, it’s a sign of adapting for survival.

Hard to see from here how these Australian wells work but basically it’s a pond that’s higher than the surround area and then, via gravity, it flows to the various cattle troughs. The concept comes, not surprisingly given it’s name, from Australia.

At the history museum with Preston, our tour guide. He was knowledgable and flat out amazing. His roots are deeply embedded in the Chaco. His great-grandfather was one of the main founders of the the Loma Plata colony, one of the 3 Chaco colonies. Yeah,he did a great job on not having a stuffy tour but kept it interesting.

Our last meal was crocodile. Deep fried over a bed of coals. I haven’t seen the like nor tasted it before but I made sure I got my share as it was MAD GOOD!

The trip back home was a little rainy and dreary but rain brings rainbows and this one cheered the day with it’s vibrant colors.


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Vehicles of Asuncion

Looking through my pics from the Chaco, I realize that I can’t fit all the ones that I want to post into one post. Therefore, here’s the first of a projected 3.

A diesel powered trike?

Saw this thing sitting at a gas station parking lot. From all appearances, it’s not in a operable condition but it would have made a good prop. We didn’t utilize it though.

A classic of some kind. Some one could probably say what car this is but I can’t. Looks like some one took good care of it.

A cute little stake frame truck. Looks good too! I wonder how it’d hold up on the road to Belleza? Oh never mind that, a board member told me we should have a Hummer. A impossible dream but salivating fantasy nonetheless.


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Mariposas de Maracana

Ah, yes, busyness does indeed surround me. I’m freshly returned from the Chaco, the group pics of which I want to post here at some future date. Tomorrow maybe.  Thrown into work, I have been to the falls earlier this week on a 2 day trip that was….ah, interesting to say the least. This was immediately followed by another 2 day trip to the north, where I took the pictures that you see here. We ate lunch by a creek and the mariposas (butterflies) were almost to the point of being a nuisance. But they were photogenic, provided one had patience. Not all are of butterflies but so what?

And now, I must continue my way. No fear, peoples, I’ll post again….someday.

This little guy’s expression can be interpreted so many different ways. But I love his adorable innocence. Way too cute for his own good.

The Paraguayan Pilgrim


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