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A Paraguayan Presentation #3

So I’m not a good photographer. On a recent challenge, I was placed 32nd. Out of how many entries, I don’t know. But 32nd? That’s getting sorta low. But I didn’t take that particular photo with the intent of winning contests with it. There was a challenge and I entered it with a photo I had. Nor am I a particularly huge fan of photo editing software. I have it but don’t use it given a fairly large time crunch, which is daily manifested. Okay, okay, photo taking is just not that big of a deal for me. I have a camera to capture the moments I’ll experience here in South America. And I will want to. The pristine snow of the Andes with a breathtaking blue canopy and the throat-piercing air that accompanies it, deserves being photographed. Granted, air can’t be. Look at a photo, though, and you can almost breathe it. That, Lord willing, will be a reality. With a board strapped to my feet and the wind in my face, it promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Also, the dusty wildness of the Paraguay Chaco, the flocks of swarming doves, the smell of burnt powder and the end-of-a-good-day smile that can only be shared with a good buddy. This too, needs capturing and recording. But, for now, for this moment, here are staff pics from here.

Our sign at night.

This is a slightly older pic but almost all these still work here.

Some modern day, wannabe “gauchos”. Joby, the one to the left, has left. It’s just me, center, and Jay, right, on this pretty exclusive team. 🙂

The badge says it. These people operate the clinic.

That is all for now. Be back later with more……maybe.


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A Grain of Sand

The other night we went across the street to sing for a the neighbor couple. Whilst singing a number for them, this song caught my attention. I don’t know the tune nor the author. But I like the message. So I did a rough translation of it. I think it’s correct. If someone knows differently, feel free to correct the translation found here.

A grain of sand in a wide desert,

So is man in the presence of God,

A grain of sand to make a temple,

Where dwells the Spirit of God.

A grain of sand I was in the desert,

A gran of sand I had been,

But now I’m called a beautiful temple

Where dwells the Holy Spirit.

Sinner, you are a grain of sand,

But God can make a temple in you,

A grain to make a temple

Where dwells the Holy Spirit of God.

You were a grain of sand in the desert,

A grain of sand you still are

But now you are called to be a temple

Where dwells the Spirit of God.  

In doing this little exercise, I suddenly feared for my English. It’s grammar is slowly being replaced by the Spanish. Maybe I’ll study English some day after I return.


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A Paraguayan Presentation #2

The biggest part of the Paraguayan cultural fabric….terere.

This is self-explanatory. 🙂

Definitely animal cruelty.

If not careful, these will burrow into your foot. Don’t ask me where they come from but they are a painful nuisance.

Six feet of deadly venom.


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A Paraguayan Presentation #1

Here a few months ago, I was asked to cobble some pictures together in a way that was slightly coherent and that would give the viewers a glimpse into our lives. Also stated was the need to portray cultural activities of Paraguay. So I tried and learned. If I had to do it over, I’d do it differently. I’m undecided as both to the content as well as the quantity of pictures that will make it on to this site. But for now, here’s 4 from La Belleza, our clinic in the north.

A sunset over looking the colony. I got there later than I had wanted to but still, it was a relatively clear night and there were pictures to take.

Obviously, the center of our medical mission in La Belleza. This is our clinic.

The current administrator and his family.

And the clinic ‘chicas’.

That’s all for now. Hope to write sometime later!


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More staff day photos

Here are more photos from our staff day. These were all taken at the Cathedral.

The entrance. Don’t let it fool you. This picture makes it look better than what it is.

This is on the stairs leading to the top. It’s a mural, telling the legend of the virgin of Caacupe and how a nearby lake was created. Very creative and sorta outlandish.

Singing up in the dome.

Looking down from up top.

A funeral that was happening while we were visiting. I’ve seen this more than once when I’ve visited here. It seems to be a honor or a desire among devout Paraguayan Catholics to hold their funerals here.

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