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Un Dia Compraste Mi Alma

Verse 1:

One day you bought my soul,

So I will always be yours,

In thick darkness you saw me,

And only your love saved me.

Verse 2:

You gave me a morning’s light,

When your light enlightened me,

Taking my pain and sadness,

In it’s place you gave peace and pardon.

Verse 3:

Oh, I remember that happy day,

When I left this dream,

Leaving this perverse world,

That only gave me suffering.

Verse 4:

Now that I’m a Christian,

The battle still surrounds me fiercely,

Satan with his fury follows me,

Not wanting that I belong to God.


Yours I am and always will be,

You won’t allow me to lose faith,

The Evil One wants to separate me from you,

But yours I am and always will be.



Another post and another song. Admittedly this is a cheap way out to posting blogs but as I gain greater knowledge of Spanish, I understand syntax and meaning so much more. This is to be expected. The days of struggling in putting Spanish sentences together seem so long ago. These days, the ability to flexibly respond to inquires and carry on dialog are more frequent. This greater knowledge only adds to the pleasantness of living down here. For example, this song doesn’t have a English translation. It’s only a Latin song. The message is powerful and the tune is catching. This is one piece of Spanish literature that I’ll take with me as a memory of Paraguay.


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