The Twists and Turns of the Road Called Life

Life is a journey’ says a common phrase. By extension, life is a road. In a developed nation like the U.S., this metaphor has little practical value. When I get on Interstate 77, it doesn’t matter which direction, I’m not thinking of a metaphor to life. It’s too broad, too straight and too smooth. Now, when you are driving a country road in the hills of West Virginia then this metaphor becomes more practical. Twists and turns, doubling back, up and down, that bone-jarring pothole that you thought you missed, that’s more like life or more like the life I know. In fact, every day has the potential to bring reversals of decisions and ideas, bumps from other people can jar your attitude and navigating other people can take all the skill and dexterity of a harbor pilot. Just today, Life happened and I again was surprised at myself. Surprised that I allowed myself to feel and think the way I did. Surprised that I reacted as easily as I did. But after a nap and a cycle run for ice cream with my sister, life looked  different. So life moves on.

Here’s a prayer request. When my parents came a week ago, none of their bags arrived with them. The following day, 8 of 9 arrived. Those kinds of numbers in any sport would be terrific but this isn’t a sport and we’d like to have that last bag. So if you think about it, pray that the lost would be found.


ps: this post is a test. I’m trying a different way of posting and am curious to see how it works. These are just some macros from around.                               

00B135645     103017521     00B155688

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4 thoughts on “The Twists and Turns of the Road Called Life

  1. I like to read your posts.

    Keep on posting.

    Enjoy your life.


  2. EJ

    thanks for the encouragement!

  3. oo i like the ninety-nine one! how’d you get that beautiful B&W translation?

  4. @ di: the in-camera setting

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