Savior, today You arrested me, Yes, me, Eric J Beachy,

No one noticed it at all, and for help, I did not call.

It wasn’t at the start of the day but toward the end,

That you came and the charge was that I didn’t bend.


I didn’t bend to your nudge, I kept living and didn’t budge.

You gave me my freedom, and allowed me to live.

And I lived……and thought to have escaped

But at the day’s end, I had lived a fake.


So you arrested me…and my attention you now have,

Your appeal was to live in your strength and I had laughed.

But what foolishness…what weakness…what hopelessness,

I was a fool to believe that I could live under my own rule.


So Officer take me, and don’t bother posting bail,

I desire to live joyfully, outside of self’s jail,

And though in your presence, I am again free,

Dear Lord, should I e’er forget this lesson, arrest me

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