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For Today

Today I was working and thinking while I was working. That can be dangerous when you are working with machinery but I survived. The following popped into my head and before I forgot it, I wrote it down on a piece of wood and saved it till I could post it.


Joyful servant-hood is not dependent on the person being served but on the condition of the heart that is serving.



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An Issue of Identity

Here I sit, in theory working on my presentation on Paraguay. This talk is due in a week at my church. But I’m tired of going through thousands of pics so here’s to something that I’ve been thinking of lately.


Identity. What is it? I was thinking about this and came to a conclusion a couple of weeks ago. This was shortly after I had gotten back from South America. The conclusion…what I had once thought of as my parent’s beliefs and ways of doing things has now become my own. Ever so slightly and through the years, a form of thinking and reasoning has developed. A style of living, likewise, has come upon me. Not saying that this is how I always will be but take this for a example. I go to church. I’m a Bible believing Mennonite and believe that my place, on Sunday morning, is in a pew. Now, when I was a child, I had to got to church. No ifs ands or buts about it…if my parents went to church, I went along. Now, it is my choice not only to go to church but where to go to church.


I use this because I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. “Do you still go to your Dad’s church?” Uh-huh, should I not? I realize that this is a point of reference for a lot of people. Casual acquaintances that I run into whom I haven’t seen for close to 3 years, ask me this. It’s easier for them to remember which church my father is a part of than it is thename of the church. It irritated me a little at first. Why do people almost assume that I DON’T go to my father’s church instead of assuming that it’s a good place to be? Has it to do with this rootless restlessness that is so prevalent in our culture today? 

My earthly father is no religion. Therefore, he has no church of worshipers giving him praise. Now my Heavenly Father, He does. Next time I’m asked this question, “Do you still go to your Father’s church?“, the answer will be a resounding yes!

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…I’m back. So, am I glad to be back? This question comes fast and frequently. It’s one that returned missionaries face. Daily. Everywhere. To this, I honestly say yes. Time is time. It moves. We must move with it. Although we leave parts of ourselves in places and retain fond memories, we must still move on. I feel that I have.

So, am I in the real world? Maybe. What is the real world? Was I there and am I now in something artificial, something that is obnoxiously materialistic? Or is this world real, the world where practical living out of Christianity battles with the loud advertisements of commercialism battle for attention? There are times where we find ourselves in different scenes of this battle. Like a slideshow, there are different snapshots in a story. Only 2 things are constant in this world. The inarguable fact of the Trinity and it’s arch-foe, Lucifer. These “scenes” are only different snapshots in this unending battle. So be it in a active zone of service in some foreign country or in the existence of domestic life, we see this battle. This battle that shifts and whirls around us.

This existence of life I have re-entered. Materially, there are things I have that are necessary for life and living. Do I want those things? Maybe. Are they necessary evils? Some of these, I think are. So, in my Christian walk, I again enter the sphere of having to have to have.



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