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Sunday Night and A Need Met

Quite frankly, Sunday night was epic! It was one of those services where the choir was at its peak and the audience worshipped the Creator. Glory!! As a choir member, the rest of the evening I had the euphoric afterglow of a program well given. With that feeling was a measure of exhaustion and weariness after having completed a week long tour yet a element of joy was there knowing that God had used us to touch people’s lives. I’m so humbled that He actually did so.

Now that I’m back from college, I have officially joined the ranks of the employed.  Employment became a higher and higher priority for me as the end of semester drew closer and closer. I had some leads that I pursued but nothing full time which is what I preferred. If all else would have failed, I would have worked for my dad in the family business. Yesterday I was chatting with one of the youth guys and he gave me a hot lead. He had been contacted by a construction foreman who needed a driver in the worst sort of way. I got the number from my friend and called this foreman this morning. By 3:30 this afternoon, I had the job. I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. It fits with my previous skills, the hours and wage are what I was looking for, and I only have two miles to work! That is awesome! In the back of my head, I can hear a divine whisper, “See, everything was going to work out. Now take this as evidence that I have the rest of your future taken care of.” Ah, if only trust were so easy! If we could learn the lesson once and retain it forever.

Thanks to HIS provision, I start work on Thursday.


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A Quote

From the pen of Kyle Stoltzfus:

The problem with circumstances is that
opportunity is sometimes misleading. Just
because we can do something doesn’t
mean we ought to, even if the thing is
permissible. All the doors could be open
and the choice could still be wrong or
unwise. Just because a door is open does
not mean it should be walked through.


This comes from my friend of mine, Kyle Stoltzfus. I emailed him a petition to post the rest of the transcript from his article and hope to post it here within the week. It’s powerful and a message I want to get out to people.


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A Song

Currently, I’m aboard a bus headed for northern Indiana. Its day three of a 8 day choir tour and the mood aboard is relaxed. Our program last night was in Antrim, Ohio, where we tried a new standing arrangement. It went well and nullified our penchant for sharping our repertoire. One negative was that it spread the parts out, making for choppy entrances and uneven rhythms. Yet all in all, it was a good program.

In the heart of our repertoire are two songs from South Africa. Both these songs are sung in the South African language and in English. The second of the two songs is entitled Woza Nomthwalo Wakho. It’s deceptively simple but oh so powerful! It requires a concentrated focus on the director as it touches the heart of the audience and distracts the singer. It is a simple invitation extended to the listener to bring the cares and burdens to God. For myself it tugs at the heartstrings.

Music is amazing. How can a song so simple be so profound? The bass line only has four notes and four words. The rhythm is relaxed, not a driving, pulsing beat and yet it makes this singer tear up every time he sings it.


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On the Word “Whom” and the Irregular Pronunciation of the English Language

Every now and then, as I read or engage in conversation, a word strikes my fancy. Often the pronunciation catches my attention. My literary radar picked up the word ‘whom’. Why, in the ensuing days, that word stayed in my mind, I do not know.

The usage of the word itself differs slightly from the word ‘who.’ Who is the subject of a sentence. Who called? Whom is used in the objective case. Whom did you call? Of whom are you talking? Unfortunately in everyday speech we are losing the subtle difference between these two words. I’m not going to postulate on grammar and the daily malpractice of English vernacular.

Yet, why that style of long “o” sound? After all, there are two other ways of saying the long “o” sound. One is the –omb sound. Tomb and womb spring to mind. So why not add a “b” to the end of whom? whomb. That looks passable and in accordance with other words that end similarly. But then we have words like bomb. Do we pronounce that word as “boomb”. No, we have another word that is similar phonetically to bomb with a long “o” sound. We spell that one this way – boom.

Boom brings us to the other way of spelling the long “o” sound, -oom. Loom and room are two other examples of this pronunciation. So, spelled according to this, whom would look like this, whoom. Again, due to the spelling of other words in the English language, this spelling of whom looks passable. The spelling of the word might look stretched but this would be a more traditional spelling of the word than whom.

Whom, in its traditional spelling, looks like it should be more like tome. whohm. Now I realize that the English language is not a machine that functions according to rules and regulations. It is a complex beast that twists and turns and has been influenced through the centuries. I recognize this. I speak two other languages other than English. I understand that some things need to just be accepted by language speakers.This goes for all languages. I’m not ranting about the English language nor about ‘whom’. I’m just pointing out the peculiarity of this word. For example, someone who has cultured English may pronounce “whom” with a slightly breathed fricative “h.” This peculiarity delights me; however, standard phonetics say that it is identical to who, the exception being the added m sound on the end of the word. 

Whom is not the only word that I have wondered it; merely the most recent one. Whom caught my attention for the combined spelling and pronunciation differences and the subtle differences in usage between it and the word who. Maybe someday soon, I can highlight another peculiar word that English uses. For now, that’s all.

Clear communications in English to all,


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Sundays Musings 5/12

It was Mothers Day yesterday and the last day to cram for tests. Maybe that explains a few things, like why I did not call my mom and why I did not post yesterday. I will rectify the latter right now.

This video has been making its rounds online. It’s cute and funny and sorta drives the point home. As children, we can sense the love of our mother but how can we express it? A mere thanks is not enough or it doesn’t feel like it enough. Sending a card feels . . . weak, no matter how artistic the poetry is on the inside. At times, I can glimpse just a wee bit how thanking a mother for a being mother might be when others thank me for a service rendered to them; a service that I enjoyed doing and would perform again even if they wouldn’t thank me for it.



As to the former, it’s hard to call a mom for Mother’s Day when you are more worried about a rebellious stomach. Last night, I ate something that did not agree with me. It has been years since I have felt as bad as I did last night. This morning, it’s gone and I’m okay.

A peaceful week to all,


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