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What Is the Church Offering?

A divided, split and fighting church has nothing to say or to give to a divided, broken and violent world. An immoral church has nothing to say to an immoral world. A church riddled with corruption, caste discrimination and other forms of social, ethnic, or gender oppression has nothing to say to the world where such things are rampant. A church with leaders seemingly obsessed with wealth and power has nothing to say to a world of greedy tyrants. A church that is bad news in such ways has no good news to share. Or at least, it has, but its words are drowned out by its life.

This does not mean, of course, that the church has to be morally perfect before anybody can engage in mission. If that were so, no mission would ever have happened, for even the church in the New Testament was all too human and flawed. The point is: What is our goal? Where is our heart? Are we obsessed with making converts only, or are we committed to teaching God’s people to walk in his ways, so that the nations are blessed?

Christopher J. H. Wright, The Mission of God’s People, pp 94-95

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