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I have not posted in what feels like a long time. So to make it worth the while, this post should be creatively brilliant and stunning, right? What better way to do son than to use snow?

Recently here at Guys Mills, it has snowed. Sorry, a better verb would be dumped. In the space of 24 hours, about 14 inches of snow appeared on the ground. I almost forget what color the grass was/is. So yes, snow is a current theme.

This guy’s photos have been circulating around the web lately. Maybe you’ve seen them; maybe not. It doesn’t matter. It’s still worth your while to see the amazing intricacies that comprise snowflakes. His snowflake macros are breathtaking. Just imagine, God could have created snowflakes as generic blobs of cold, white fluff but He didn’t. He made them beautiful and unique. Thanks to this photographer, we can see the uniqueness. Go here to see his work.

And now, I’m off for home,

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