Simon Schubert

Are you an artist? Ever wanted to be? Do you turn green with envy when you see other people creating masterpieces from common place materials? No, yes, and yes for me. There are times when I wish I had more of an artistic bent, and I get caught up in thinking “if only I could bend a paint brush to my will and make it emit the paint in the scheme that I want it to.” Tis folly to entertain such ideas. Come to think of it, there was a time in my childhood when I did draw. Hmm, maybe I should attempt to reincarnate those days.

The human ability to create is what differentiates us between the chimp and the chicken. I use these two as the chimp because, for all physical similarities, you do not see chimps building homes or discussing their inner chimpness like humans and chickens because, well, chickens are dumb. I should know; I’ve spent the last four days mucking around chicken houses catching them. We all have some ability to create and think creatively. When it comes to creativity, all humans have some; some humans have….a lot.

Like this guy. He’s cool for a number of reasons. First is he is German. That vindicates his talent and creativity. He speaks German, a most lovely, aristocratic, and almost primal language. But what makes him unique is his mode of art. He takes paper and bends it. A lot. In different ways. In two or three dimension. Circles, arches, hallways, and detailed floors. And he uses nothing but paper and creases. To think that FB students compete to get a paper airplane to fly across the length of a room and he folds palaces into being.

When the lighting is right, the paper really comes to life with depth and contrast.

Are you jealous or merely awed? All I can say is WOW! Proof that humans are unique. Proof that, as made in the image of a creative God, humans can take the ordinary and add the extra to make it extraordinary.

Oh, and surely you want to see more. Click Simon Schubert to see more of his stunning paperwork. Warning, be sure to translate the page from German to English to facilitate a easier browsing experience.

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PS: If you liked Simon Schubert and if you have the time, you might want to check out Jennifer Trask. She uses bone and antlers for her artwork and it’s pretty cool as well.

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