Junk Food

More great thoughts from a respected elder. Though I’ve been thinking along the same lines, he writes clearly and profoundly. What is the real and the good? Have you found it?

Biblical Brethren Fellowship

Junk food tastes good. The problem is, junk food is not really food. It does not contain the complex array of nutrients found in real food. It is devoid of nutrition to sustain life.

Junk food takes elements of the natural world and concentrates them in unrealistic and unhealthy combinations. These combinations are hyper-normal. Sugar, salt, fat and other ingredients are combined in concentrations that please our senses but starve our cells.

Given the choice between a candy bar or an apple, most people choose the candy bar. Given the choice between drinking real fruit juice or soda, people choose soda. Given the choice between potato chips or carrots, many people choose the chips.

Entire industries are devoted to producing unhealthy options. They have fooled us into thinking that bad is good. They have successfully sold us a bill of goods. Their products have overruled our senses. Our senses have…

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