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I know I haven’t written in a while and that really was a shame. There’s so many life lessons I could have written about from my year of school teaching and my junior year of university. The desire to write has not left me; rather I’m afraid that the lack of writing has made my writing dull and boring. With that being said, I’m not committing to a scheduled writing space but I do want to jot more thoughts down. Some might be profound; others might be regurgitations from other blogs, books, or quotes. To those of you who had subscribed from a few years ago, if this material bores you or clutters your inbox, just unsubscribe. Seriously, do that. You won’t offend me by doing so and you’ll improve your life by only receiving content that you really want and eliminating what you don’t want. It’s that simple. To any other readers, new or old, I welcome any thoughts, feedback, and discussions about any content here. My aim is to be authentic. If it scares you, know that depression is scary, isolation uncomfortable, and feeling “unfit” is sometimes downright unnerving (yes, I do consider myself more a depressive introvert who currently struggles with placement and fulfillment in life). At times, these elements might emerge in my writing. Who knows, it might be a “lucky” day and you’ll get all three. Kinda like this post. If this happens, brood not. Rather I invite you to turn that into dialogue. Cuz really, that’s what I want and the MennoWhirld, in general, doesn’t do such a good job as it would like to imagine of nurturing deep, formative relationships. Continue reading

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