One Last Year

Driving onto campus, I struggled finding a parking space. I grinned to myself. Yep, it’s the first day and everybody will be in class. Give it two weeks, and there will be more parking spaces. This attitude of anticipation and new beginnings was felt in the various hallways and classrooms. Friends meeting up after a summer away from studies. Discussions revolving around classes, classrooms and professors. Remarkably enough, it was even felt in the way the students dressed. I thought it was just my own perception, but I overheard a few conversations that confirmed this. One female student assured her friend that she wouldn’t be dressed this well tomorrow. Put it all together and it felt rather festive. However, give it three weeks and there will be empty seats in the classrooms, students will show up looking like they rolled out of bed, and conversations will revolve around the irritating people in their life.

For myself, I’m excited this year is here. Greater than this excitement is the sense of wanting this year behind me. I’ve shared this with people I’ve spoken to over the summer. On the one hand, I need to sit and wait for the year to move; on the other, I’m raring to put these vagabond years behind me and move into a career field.

I’ve met old acquaintances this past summer who have asked what I am doing with my life or if I’m still teaching school. When I tell them that I’m not teaching and I am actually prepping for my senior year, they get this blank and puzzled look on their face. I sympathize with them. Even I’ve had to work at keeping track of myself the last seven years. Furthermore, when I tell people that my major is Food and Nutrition with a Business minor, many automatically ask, “So you want to start your own restaurant?” Well not really (sorry everybody who wanted to see a Chick-fil-a store in the Holmes County area). So maybe I can elaborate a bit more on my personal journey the last few years and what I project the next few years, Lord willing. Look for that in the next post.


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