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Since Love is Lord of Heaven and Earth

Yesterday, on my commute homeward, I again realized music’s power to touch the soul.

The past week was a rough one. Interspersed with early morning and closing-at-midnight-work shifts, was an exam plus a head cold which I struggled to cure. Lingering over all this was a malaise birthed from a severe case of senioritis(that intense longing to finish the last year of school) and combined with a sudden, strong tripartite realization of how much of a non-traditional student I really am. It was affecting my psyche, even after working the Saturday morning Bluffton farmers market which usually is a mood-booster. Really, I had all the ingredients to throw a pity party for myself.

As I drove east through Ohio’s golden plains, one of the songs that Camerata Singers is singing this year started playing through my mind. It’s the Quaker text for “My Life Flows On” but rearranged by Z. Randall Stroope. I was drawn to the piece from the very first time we rehearsed the piece, yet yesterday was the first time it spoke to my soul’s needs. The song climaxes with the line, “while love is lord of heaven and earth . . .” Stroope did an excellent job of creating both suspense and a moving line that resolves in a peaceful close to the question posed by the text with “. . . how can I keep from singing?”.

As that line ran through my head, I thought of my week, the tiredness, the mental straining, the internal questioning of life and this pursuit of education. Contrasting my personal efforts of living life to the immutability of God’s position as Supreme Love and the ruler of both Heaven and Earth, I was humbled. The God I serve, the One to whom I owe my existence, is Love. He delights in being love. He is waiting for me to recognize that He loves me. And on the heels of mentally reviewing Stroope’s version of “My Life Flows On”, He spoke deeply into the core of my being. It was a simple line: Eric, I love you. You are Mine. Allowing that enter my heart, last week’s exhaustion and worries melted like a pat of butter on a stack of flapjacks. Immediately, I asked myself questions. If indeed, Love is Lord of both Heaven and Earth, why worry? Why do it on my own? Why not surrender and allow Him to lead? Why not sing? Because no matter what happens, He is still Lord.

Enjoy this YouTube recording of the piece. May it bless others as well.


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