What’s in Your Row?

Last Sunday’s commencement address was entitled “What’s in Your Wallet?”. Obviously, the speech centered around Capital One’s ad campaign of the same name (personally I prefer cash to be in my wallet but that’s a post for another day). As a group of graduates, we were told that as a result of our studies, we had what we needed to succeed in life. This is partially true. While education and training can prepare for a life of success, more frequently what’s inside of us is what determines our level of success.

Allow me to move to tonight and I promise I’ll tie all of this together. It was an idyllic evening. At one point, I asked myself how I’m privileged to live the beauty of the evening. We were planting the family garden (one way to pay this month’s rent, right? 😉 ). I couldn’t help but paraphrase the commencement speech’s title to “What’s In Your Row?”

Here’s where I try to tie it together. There is a local acquaintance of mine who’s activity I see from time to time in my Instagram feed. His chosen name for that form of social media leaves my wondering every time I see it. Why? Because subconsciously he’s internalizing the very name he gave himself. While it may have been a joke at the time his account was created, every time he posts, he sees it again. Is it any wonder he eventually starts living the name he gave himself? What he fills himself with is what will be shown in his life eventually.

Currently, I’m in this weird transition stage. I have my career lined up and ready to start next week which leaves me this week to do what I want. I dislike sitting still. I need action and something to do (here is where Mom suggests cleaning up my room or personal file cabinet). I actually lined up some temp work with a construction crew I worked for four years ago. Unsurprisingly, during this time of wide-open, flexible schedule, the Enemy has been actively working at creating stumbling blocks in my spiritual path. No one is perfect; I’m not. Probably now, more than any other time, I am acutely aware that the personal habits I form now will be the personal habits I will carry into the coming months, if not years. It produces this urge to “get it right”, which I know is a myth. It makes what I do no less important. Do I allow the Enemy to be successful in his attacks or do I develop the discipline to resist? What habits can I create to safeguard my future self? The reverse of this is what habits do I currently have which expose me to attacks from the Enemy?

Words, music, friends, books, and more all add to our lives. In ways minute and large, they form the mosaic of our lives. Given that these impact our success or are responsible for the lack of success, is it worth tolerating those influences that don’t lead to the success we want?


So the question is, what’s in row? What are you planting? If you can answer that, you’re well on your way to forecasting what will grow. Cuz I can tell you this: the row in the picture above has sweet corn in it. I know; I planted it. And what will grow is sweet corn(so many puns leap to my mind but I won’t make any).

Ignite the discussion,



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