About EJ

EJ is someone who ponders life. To him, life and it’s conundrums are meant to be studied. Because life’s conundrums occur frequently and he is too lazy to see if he has already blogged about them, he may blog repeatedly on the same subject. The majority of his thinking tends to be objective and he sees himself in the character of Lawrence Seldon in the novel The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. He is a fundamental Christian who desires to live out his faith on a daily basis. Student, thinker, Christian and a proponent of Christ-like masculinity…this is a partial description of him.

As he ponders life, there is one thing that frightens him. That is stumbling through life without a purpose and not achieving anything worthwhile with his life.



2 thoughts on “About EJ

  1. The feminization of Jesus in many people’s thinking has done great damage to the Church and our struggling world. Good to see someone advocating a vigorous Christianity!

  2. Janel

    Sorry, just wanted to point out in your Blogroll on the right sidebar, that the Art of Manliness link is missing the “n” and looks a bit funny without it.

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