A few weeks ago, clumps of white decorated the landscape. Pure, beautiful, and inspiring, they have left. Never mind the fact that this morning winter attempted to return . . .spring is here!! Yes!!! Let the smell of freshly cut grass fill the air, may the sound of a Little League baseball game accompany the symphony of birds, and may the sun return to reign in cloudless blue skies.

From this . . .



To this . . .




Ah, spring, thy glory exists without compare!

Thy colors from the loamy soil spring,

Invigorating mankind with thy balm air,

In testimony to thy King.

Spring, truly thou art glorious.!!!


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2 Pics From Nature



On a day that is strictly for myself, I am empty of inspiration. I sit here, trying to think of something to say; something that is brilliant and reflects on all my studies this past semester. However, I am failing to do so. Nothing comes. So, as a easy copout, I’m posting these pictures. Taken over 2 1/2 years ago in the sun-drenched country of Paraguay, there is nothing outstanding except as a demonstration of aperture control.

Just a little public snippet of a place I once visited and for now, that’s all.


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Frosted Beauty

This was a foggy, frosted morning. It heralded the end of summer as it brought the first hard frost. Sunny days still remained but the glory of summer was behind. The frost gave a touch of crystal to the world. And I was there, taking pictures. Here are a few.




This flower hid itself away, amongst the depths of the plants. Half was frosted; the other escaped.








This latter shot I took to show the contrast. 2 hours after the original captures, the beautifying effect of the frost vanished and dead flowers remained.

Thanks for looking!


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A Frosty Morning

I stepped outside and breathed deeply. The crisp morning air penetrated my lungs. Ah, I thought, this is the touch of winter. The morning was more than crisp; it was bracing in its briskness. Daniel Martin, a fellow student, and I had wanted for a long time capture some morning shots at a nearby cemetery. This was that morning. The weak sun managed to throw a warm light, providing a warm contrast to the chilly surroundings. These shots are among the best from that morning.

Enjoy the refreshing draught of autumnal beauty!






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New York City Skyline

So after many weeks of having been there, I find time to post pictures of NYC. I worked with some of these and here are a clutch of the better, more iconic pictures.

Now, just a bit of background on the reason for the trip. About 16 of us ministry students along with 3 instructors went to NYC on a week long ministry trip. Our purpose was to visit various missions and to observe their work in relating to those who truly need our Christian love and aid. One of the big questions that we had prior to the trip was “How to alleviate and not encourage homelessness, poverty and a life of despair and hopelessness: Do these missions accomplish this?”. After the trip, the common consensus amongst us was that indeed, the missions we visited did alleviate and encourage people to life worth living, the life in Christ.

All this time in and around the city definitely gave opportunity for pictures. So, I being the trip photographer, shot away. To people who don’t haven’t been bitten by the photography bug, it’s like an addiction. You look constantly for scenery and angles that will make your picture different from anyone else’s picture of the same thing.



Simply the new NYC skyline shot with a in-camera black and white gradient. I find it quite stunning


Taken as our group was travelling across from Staten Island via the ferry on a clear morning. This building, One World Trade Center, rises above the rest of the skyline in impressive, dominating fashion.


Taken south of the tower between where Occupy Wall Street had been and Battery Park. This was on 9/11 and the flags in the foreground add a patriotic remembrance to what occurred 11 years ago.


Another picture from the ferry crossing. This was shot with a black-and-white grain filter that is in-camera as well. Another shot that I favor, this filter, working with the early morning sun, set off the angles and shadows of the skyline and in particular 1 WTC.


I hope you aren’t bored yet of the subject material. When we left Manhattan Island the evening of 9/11, night already had fallen and the tower was lit up in these lights as well as the Tower of Lights. I had trouble getting a clear photo. The motion of the ferry and the extended shutter speed worked against me. Hoping for another shot some other evening, I was disappointed. Either our group times never worked out to give me a shot opportunity or when they did, I never got this combination of lights. But I have this one as a keepsake.


Sunset as seen from Battery Park. Quite gorgeous and peaceful.

So hit me back. Which of these do you like the best? Which encapsulates NYC’s new-look skyline?


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The Glory of Autumn

The leaves are falling. Two responses, yes and yikes! Yes in that it’s one of the most beautiful times of year. The crispness of the air and the palette of colors combine to make one feel alive in a way that only the zephyrs of spring can match.

The yikes! is in response to the passage of time. The year is almost over. Where has the time gone? What good have I done in that time?

Part of what excites me this year about fall is that I can finally enjoy fall. It has been 3 years since I’ve experienced a North American autumn. In South America, leastways where I was, there was nothing like this fall-like feeling. The leaves didn’t burst into a fiery display prior to dropping. They simply lost color and fell to the ground. That’s so bland. I like this type better!


I went for a walk and was rewarded by this blaze of display.  


A photographer must look down as well. These beauties provide stark contrast to the deadness around them.


Looking through the woods, the soft light provides a charming back drop to the vibrancy of the leafy header of this shot.


Ah! Photographical lusciousness!!


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