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Personality versus Character

Dawn still hasn’t broken; the darkness still cloaks this world. I’m at my desk, prepping for an exam. The sheaf of papers in front of me looks daunting but it contains answers. Answers I need for an exam later this afternoon. So, with an exam looming, why am I blogging? Because I ran across a piece of truth and it has me all excited! May I share it? Will you read it?

Personality is given; character is formed. The personality that we are given can be damaged, life’s experiences could cause us to hide particular personality traits. God doesn’t have standard personality traits. He blesses the personality that He gave you. God does not look at jolly, talkative people as being better than quiet, reserved people. God delights in this variety. However, character is different. God has standards of character. He calls us to honesty, faithfulness, being loving, caring for others, etcetera. These standards are for us no matter what our personality is. Immature character makes personality abrasive and mature character makes personality pleasing. Character can make us uncharacteristic from our personality. Personality matures through choices and life experiences. Character grows as we seek God.


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