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A Quote From Ghandi

I was busy proofreading a fellow student’s paper and flipping through my Bedford Handbook when my eyes fell upon a quote from Gandhi. Now, though he was a Hindu, what he said could have been found in any early Christian text.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Ghandi

So, so true. In the midst of today’s hurt, what the world needs is not more hurt but a forgiveness of that hurt. When tears of sorrow are shed, understanding is more welcome bitterness and anger towards others. Where egos are bruised by misunderstand, compassionate forbearance oils the mechanism of harmonious living.

The quote caused me to stop and think. If I insist on a fair measure of retribution from those who have hurt me, someday I will need to pay someone else what they demand of me. So instead of constantly demanding others to soothe my ego, why not allow them to live and I absorb the pain they caused me? Why not “give back” by not demanding a full measure of payment? Painful, yes. Radical, only because too few are willing to do so. Christlike, most definitely.

Have you given an “eye” recently?


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