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MLK on forgiveness

Yes, I’m still alive but by the progress on this site it would be hard to tell. 2 weeks ago, I picked up a book for only $2. I really don’t know why except that it was too good of a deal to pass up. The book’s entitled, The Words and Inspiration of Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a bigographical work combined with some of his well-known and not so well-known quotes. Here’s a great one:

Forgiveness is not an occasional act; it’s a permanent attitude.


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Musings from “Why Revival Tarries”….

…currently I’m perusing Leonard Ravenhill’s classic on revival and I am finding it a well written book. The entire book is written from the belief that prayer, a genuine calling out to God, is what is missing from our current evangelism. I’m finding a number of good truths in this book and here is just the latest (primarily because that’s as far as I’ve come),

On page 61 in the chapter Revival Tarries Because…, he writes…

We have not resisted unto blood in prayer; nay, we “do not even get a sweat on our souls,” as Luther put it. We pray with a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude; we pray chance prayers; we offer that which costs us nothing! We have not even “strong desire”. We rather are fitful, moody, and spasmodic.

The only power that God yields to is that of prayer. We we will write about prayer-power, but not fight while in prayer. A title, undeniably true of the Church today, would be “We Wrestle Not!” We will display our gifts, natural or spiritual; we will air our views, political or spiritual; we will preach a sermon or write a book to correct a brother in doctrine. But who will storm hell’s stronghold? Who will say the devil nay? Who will deny himself good food or good company or good rest that hell may gaze upon him wrestling, embarrassing demons, liberating captives, depopulating hell , and leaving, in answer to his travail, a stream of blood-washed souls?

Finally, revival tarries because we steal the glory that belongs to God. Away with all fleshly backslapping and platform flattery! Away with this exalting of “My radio program,” “My church,” “My books!” Oh, the sickening parade of flesh in our pulpits: “We are greatly privileged, etc.” Speakers accept all this, nay—even expect it! The fact is that when we have listened to most of these men, we would not have known they were great if they had not been announced so!

Poor God! He does not get much out of it all!

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