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A Post on Life

Why do we, as human beings, hold our own selves back? Why do we willingly hold onto things that we know later could hold us back? Whatever it may be, we hold onto it and unconsciously don’t realize that this “thing” that we hold onto is impeding our spiritual growth. Not just spiritually but it also can hinder our social enjoyment and create problems in our interpersonal relationships.

Recently, I was listening to a CD of a acquaintance of mine and God used it to point out a need in my life. It slightly shocked me to discover how much of life I was losing out on by not being fully surrendered to God. By holding onto something, I was harming myself. This quote is accurate. Of course, it should be. It’s based off a teaching of Jesus. Life is a paradox. The way to retain it is to lose it; and the way to lose it is to selfishly cling to it. Daniel Kauffman. Page 480 of Doctrines of the Bible

So what am I saying? Only that this life continues to give examples for growth and for learning. And that in order to grow, we must take and learn these lessons, no matter how difficult they are. Our prayer should be for grace to endure.


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