Where I’ve Been

My area…it’s where I currently am. It may be Millersburg, Ohio or it may be Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. I have lived in Holmes County, Ohio, among the largest population of the Amish faith, for most of my life. But not just there. Paraguay has been my home as well. I spent 2 years of my life there as a humanitarian aid worker. In some measure, I left a part of myself there and brought back a little of it when I returned.

Wherever I am, I want  to see that area become more. I want it to be known as a place where people are unashamed to be a Christian and are dedicated to the work of the Heavenly Kingdom. Currently, I’m enrolled at Faith Builders, a conservative private university with a 2 year study program.

To title this page in this manner I should give some credence to it. So where have I been? Following are the countries that I have set foot in.

Argentina = multiple times

Brazil = multiple times

Chile = 10 day visit

El Salvador = visited 3 times

Paraguay = lived for 2 years

Romania = visited 2 times

Uruguay = once, for a 4 day hunting trip

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