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A Paraguayan Camping Trip

It’s been awhile since I wrote. Here we go….

The days did wax long and the activities did fulfill them to the utmost. And indeed, a state of this busyness can be desirable; however, I do argue that there doth arise the necessity of passing the time in a state of laziness. Amongst other forms of nomenclature, the name “camping” doth aptly describe this passing of time. In the miniscule state of AMA-Paraguay, a declaration was made, “I must get out”. Having heard of a tract of land which was dedicated solely for this “camping” activity, a group of the denizens of AMA-Paraguay did sally forth in search of said land. This did commence after the consumption of a superb meal. It was to be the last such meal for the next 24 time frame. I say this in the kindest regards for “campfire meals”. The trip in going was considered a quiet success and we encountered the land of “camping”. In communication with the possessor of the gate, I was delighted to discover a utter lack of cost. Well, I was not of the disposition to argue and proceeding from this encounter, we proceeded to look for the hill. It had been largely reported that there doth exist in this locality a pile of earth which is readily accessible by locals and outsiders are invited as well. This activity we pursued until encountering a circular depression of wet earth which did cause our vehicle to sink deeply. So deep in fact that further progress was impossible. The opposite direction was just as difficult to achieve. Indeed, we, the Paraguayan Pilgrim and Companero J, were verily impeded in vehicular motion. The natives in this territory still communicate chiefly in the tongue of their ancestors. While this manner of communication is highly effective amongst themselves, to passersby, it is a source of frustration. But, body language is a global method of communication and in this manner, we did obtain the tool required to remove the earth that did hindered our progress. However the second attempt proved just as futile. We then did bade our 4 traveling companions to disembark in a effort to lighten our load. This, along with their physical efforts from the head of the vehicle, did give us sufficient performance to retreat from this barrier. At this hour, the day star had sunk deep into the western heavens. It was then that we did re-find our way to the area of “camping”.

Finding it overflowing with homo sapiens, we succeeded in finding a hidden spot where we could rest and enjoy the solitude beside the gurgling stream. The evening meal was late, due in part to our setting of camp and the method of preparation. Twas simply a time of relaxation, even at the beginning of the following day whilst we were still employed in card games by a waterfall in the full obscurity of the shadow of night. But the time did arrive when to leave was preferred by all involved. With our fast having been broken and our physical forms refreshed by water which had not passed through a heater, we set out for a nearby village where is made many things out of a certain type of fabric, unique to Paraguay. Ahopo-i, they call it. ‘Tis a light, almost coarse, material and as previously mentioned, all matter of items are made from it. We whiled away the hours in that tiny, tranquil town and as the storm approached, set off for the journey home. One mentionable stop was that of the Scum game played in the plaza of a Roman Catholic church. Quite interesting to say the least and relaxing all around. Another was Golf game played on the front plaza of a local ice cream store.

And so we did arrive once again to AMA-Paraguay, hopefully in a better, more stabilized frame of mind then when we had left. After looking after our various cargo, we had time to refresh ourselves with the local drink of choice, terere, as well as regaling those that had remained with tales of our latest adventure. But in the month that approacheth, there draweth near another adventure which shall take me to the former, desolate wastes of the Chaco. I shall be back.

The Ericulean Edit

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Pic #1: The mudhole that we were stuck in.

Pic #2: The inside of the Catholic church we visited

Pic #3: A Scum game at the church plaza

Pic #4: The Golf game at the ice cream parlor

Pic #5: A group shot in the plaza of the Catholic church.

The photo credits go to others on this trip. My camera never left it’s pouch. Maybe that’s why this trip was so much fun.

’til next time….

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